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There are many ways of learning, and we at fORGE seek to provide you with as many approaches as possible, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be successful with us. 

We recognise the importance of an integrated structure to the learning, whilst maintaining the flexibility to weave in experiences and content as demand arises.  Because of our integrated provision, we can maintain the threads of past topics and events with content of the day.  We pride ourselves in providing quality materials, professional trainers, and up-to-date technology to support you.

As part of our Training provision, we offer the following:

  • Direct Training:  We will be offering you structured programmes, with quality presentations, innovative exercises, challenging experiences, and integration activities to deepen and clarify your learning.  Activities will be individually, in pairs, small and large group, with debriefing reviews as appropriate.  There will be a blend of direct input, discussion and discovery learning, both sitting and moving.  Feedback will be through coaching or peer assessment.
  • Peer Learning:  We will be providing closed Facebook pages for each of the qualifications – for this the Intermediate certificate and Diploma are taken to be the same qualification, so that participants can share concerns, discoveries, ideas and queries.  This will be in addition to the powerful learning that comes through informal discussions and networking that naturally arise.
  • Workbooks: For the Intermediate Certificate and Diploma, we are providing an impressive series of distance learning workbooks, with Skype support, culminating in written responses to test understanding.  This collection of materials is a one-off publication of the UKCP required topics of study.
  • Reviews:  Reviewing is an essential element for embedding learning, short term and long term, involving daily reviews each morning.  For the year long certificates, learners will also complete monthly e-reviews and formal one-to-one reviews at six monthly intervals.
  • Coaching:  We seek to provide on-the-spot coaching arising during set exercises, as well as the provision of informal support.  Formal coaching can be requested as an additional service.
  • Assessment Feedback: You are responsible for providing your evidence to meet the Competence Standards required for each of the qualifications.  You will be given clear written feedback on your work, affirming your success and providing you with pointers for further development.  To gain the most from this form of learning, you need to make sure you hand in your evidence within the time schedules required.
  • Assessment Centres:  These are punctuation points in the learning process where you are asked to demonstrate your knowledge and skills through observed activity or through written answers.  These can be attended by those who seek an APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) route to certification.