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Sally Ashworth

IMG_0913Qualified to NLP Trainer level at the time, Sally started working in the field of NLP in 2002 when she established her consultancy business, delivering NLP Training in both private and public sectors and offering personal and professional development services to individuals.

She became immersed in the therapeutic potential of NLP and became a member of the Board of Directors of NLPtCA, holding various roles including Training and Development Officer. In 2008 Sally became Chair of the organisation and for 2 years led NLPtCA through a period of major change in preparation for the statutory regulation of the profession, as well as UKCP’s five-year review.  As part of this work Sally worked extensively with the Constructivist College within UKCP to establish NLPtCA as an active participant in shaping the newly formed College.

Since her Accreditation and Registration as a Psychotherapist in 2007 Sally has established a successful private practice in York as a psychotherapist. She is also a registered psychotherapy Supervisor.  Through continued study, training, and working with clients, she has developed her depth of understanding of Neurolinguistic Therapeutic Modelling and is passionate about communicating her ideas and developing NLPt into a cohesive and mature modality.


Fran Burgess

FranFran has thirty years experience in the field of NLP, as a Master Trainer, Psychotherapist, and Writer. She co-founded The Northern School of NLP in 1999, inviting the best-known modellers to the School, pursuing her commitment to making the process of modelling accessible to all. An active member for five years of NLPtCA committees and the Board, she was registered as a UKCP NLPt Psychotherapist in 2008. In her professional practice, she has pioneered several new modelling methodologies, interventions and original techniques. She has written The NLP Cookbook (2011) and The Bumper Bundle Book of Modelling (2014), and the Bumper Bundle Companion Workbook (2014). Currently she is working on her next book – NLP Therapeutic Interventions.


Helen Platts

Helen Platts has over 25 years of experience of working with individual clients and organisations across all sectors to help them explore and reach the outcomes they need.   Studying with The Northern School of NLP, she qualified as an NLP Trainer.  During the last 16 years  she has delighted in seeing the results of working with a constructivist NLP approach.  Qualifying as a Psychotherapist in 2008 and registered with UKCP as an accredited psychotherapist therapist, she continues to work both in private practice and for a range of organizational clients. Modelling for change is at the heart of what she does, and she has a passion for developing clients’ capacity to model self and others to increase the efficiency and elegance of their outcomes.”

Kevin Dennison