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Terms and Conditions

As a Learner you are asked to read the following terms and conditions prior to finalising your payment arrangements. Receipt of payment will imply acceptance.

1    Fees

  1. Fees charged will be as advertised on our website or publicity materials. They will operate at point of formal registration.
  2. Prices will indicate the inclusion or exclusion of VAT.
  3. Discounts will be as advertised or by agreement.

2    Invoices

  1. Invoices will be raised at point of booking and regarded as a receipt.
  2. Statements will not be issued.

3    Non Refundable Deposits

  1. Non-refundable deposits will be advertised in the marketing materials.
  2. Refunds incurred during the course will be paid, less the relevant deposit.

4    Confirmation of Bookings

  1. A booking will be considered as firm on receipt of the non-refundable deposit and the relevant registration form or similar notification.
  2. From this point, all payment and cancellation terms and conditions relevant to the registered programme will apply.

 5   Payment

  1. Payment Terms will be included with the invoice.
  2. Payment can be made by BACs, Credit Card, Cheques, Paypal or Standing Orders.
  3. Part payments can be made by Standing Orders as per agreement.
  4. An extension to the agreed payment period, or payment amounts will incur an additional £50 fee.

 6    Cancellations

  1. For events of 6 days or less, bookings cancelled 4 weeks before the event will realise a full refund, less the non refundable deposit   Events cancelled less than 2 weeks before the event are required to be paid in full.
  2. For longer certification programmes, a cancellation within 6 weeks to the start of the programme will incur a cancellation fee of 20% of the course fee, in addition to the non-returnable deposit.
  3. Total withdrawal mid-programme due to circumstances outwith the Company’s responsibility or control will forfeit refund. Any outstanding fees become due immediately, in total.

7    Course Cancellations

  1. Should a short course be cancelled, registered participants will be notified immediately and offered alternative dates if available and appropriate. Otherwise, participant will receive a full refund.

8    Non Payment

  1. We strive to maintain good relationships with our customers. In the instance of non-payment we will seek to reach an amicable outcome.
  2. For persistent non-payment, we will resort to legal measures.

 9    Withdrawals

  1. Learners choosing to withdraw from their registered programme, are required to put their decision to withdraw in writing, outlining their reasons. The following refunds apply:
    • Within the first 3 months, 50% of the full course fee less the non-refundable deposit.
    • Within the first 12 months, 20% of the full course.
    • Thereafter no refund will be offered.