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Selection and Recruitment


  1. In addition, we expect that you will have:demonstrate emotional stability, ability to self appraise, and ability to account for own actions and intentions.
    • a commitment to the practice of modelling and make clear distinctions between operating from within your own model of the world, and from within another’s model.
    • ready access to your NLP skills.
    • a commitment to pursuing your NLP learning and contributing to the wellbeing of the community.
    • believe you have the resources to undertake the learning and the
      coursework involved.
    • commit to operating within the NLPtCA Code of Ethics.
  2. Upon application, you are required to meet the following criteria:
    • Demonstratable ability to complete a post graduate Masters level of study
    • Be over 25 years old
    • 240 hours of NLP training (or have an action plan to attain prior to the start of the programme)
    • Have completed a three-day Clinical Practice training
    • Have completed 20 hours of supervised practice on a 1:4 hour ratio, and provided two samples of case notes, (or have an action plan to achieve prior to the start of the programme.)
    • Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Become a student member of NLPtCA.
  3.  Those Applicants who do not hold a degree will need to demonstrate that they are capable of graduate-level thinking and communication. This may be evidenced by the applicant having (for a minimum of 5 years):
    • held a position of responsibility such as managing others, running a department, retail outlet or project in industry.
    • held a management position where it has been necessary to write reports or give an account to others.
    • run or designed training courses in business, NLP or psychotherapy that meets national quality standards.
    • work experience within the caring professions as part of a team where the applicant has been required to write reports or give an accountof their work to others on a regular basis.
    • written articles or critiques as a regular part of a job.
  4. Applicants may also be asked to demonstrate their level of education by providing a 4000 word paper on a mutually agreed topic.


  1. If you have completed your Clinical Practice training through fORGE then you will be known to us.
  2. If you have spoken of your interest in pursuing your psychotherapy training, then we will already have a sense of your suitability for further study.  It may be that you are advised to postpone your interest while you gain more experience.
  3. Otherwise, your interest will be noted and the office would look forward to receiving your application.


  1. You complete our Application Form found on the website, outlining the reasons for your suitability for the programme, and evidence that you match the eligibility criteria, with attached copies of your certificates.  You can also attach a letter of recommendation from your supervisor, if you already have one.
  2. Send this in with a fee of £60 to meet the costs of materials and administration.
  3. If you are not as yet known to us, you will then be contacted to arrange a telephone or Skype interview, which will last between 20-30 minutes.
  4. Applications need to be received at least two weeks before the start of the programme.  Later applications risk being turned down.


  1. After successful selection, fORGE will send you
    • a Letter of Acceptance
    • your Learning Contract
    • your invoice outlining the payment plan
    • standing order documentation
    • log in details for access to the membership website
  2. You will then return
    • your signed Contract
    • your non-refundable deposit
    • your completed standing order information
  3.  If your application is unsuccessful you will notified in writing, and reasons given.  Where appropriate, suggestions may be offered regarding further activity.  You are welcome to seek fuller details regarding the decision.