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fORGE is offering four qualifications, in service of Neurolinguistic Therapeutic Modelling.  These are open to all NLP Master Practitioners.

Quality Assurance

We strive to ensure that our approach adopts the best of current practice of competence based assessment, offering you clear Standards of Competence for each qualification, plus the relevant Assessment Specification and a summary of the Underpinning Knowledge and Skills for each. To this end, we undertake to adhere to our strict Codes of Practice for Trainers and Assessors and other policies which support quality provision.


  • These qualifications have been designed to be progressive and integrated, to generate a comprehensive understanding and therapeutic practice at a post graduate level.  They have also been designed to integrate with the requirements of NLPtCA and UKCP as well as ANLP.
  • However there is no requirement to commit to the full programme of training.  Therapists can register for each of the certificates one at a time, and present evidence to meet that assessment specification. This may be due to:
    • unclear career direction
    • demands on time and budget
    • unproven track record of operating at this level of study
    • limited client experience
    • changes in personal circumstances.
  • Provided there is no more than a two year time lapse between each registration,  the evidence put forward for the previous qualification can still be regarded as current.
  • It might be that additional evidence is required due to changes in the Standards and Assessment Specifications.  Candidates will be informed of this at point of Registration.

NOTE:  Registering for the full Diploma Programme from the start will incur savings.


fORGE is affiliated to The Professional Guild of NLP and all final certificates bear the Guild’s logo.  All successful candidates can apply for membership of the Guild.