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Psychotherapy Diploma in NTM


  • Selection                        £60
  • Intermediate Certificate of NTM (1 yr)
    • Training                      £3500
    • Assessment                £400
  • Psycotherapy Diploma in NTM (2 yrs)
    • Training                     £6000
    • Assessment               £750


Upon application, you are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstratable ability to complete a post graduate Masters level of study
  • Be over 25 years old
  • 240 hours of NLP training (or have an action plan to attain prior to the start of the programme)
  • Have completed a three-day Clinical Practice training
  • Have completed 20 hours of supervised practice on a 1:4 hour ratio, and provided two samples of case notes, (or have an action plan to achieve within the first three months if not before.)
  • Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Become a student member of NLPtCA.

Selection and Registration

You are asked to complete our Registration Form outlining the reasons for your suitability for the programme, and evidence that you match the eligibility criteria.   You can attach copies of your certificates.  You can also attach a letter of recommendation from your supervisor, if you already have one.

You will then be contacted to arrange a telephone or Skype interview, which will last between 20-30 minutes.  If after this conversation, you are accepted onto the programme, you will be registered as a Student Member and gain acccess to membership webpages where you will be able to access support materials and further programme information.  You will also be able to contact other programme members.


Progression into the Second Year of the training is dependent on having demonstrated the ability to complete the course work required of the first year. Where possible all evidence required for the Intermediate Certificate will have been presented and assessed as reaching the desired standard.

If there are concerns regarding your ability to deliver the evidence, at the end of the first year you may be advised to leave the programme, with the possibility of registering at a later stage, provided you have continued with supervised practice.

Diploma Certification

You are expected to complete all quantitative and qualitative requirements for both the Intermediate Certificate in NTM and the Psychotherapy Diploma within four years of initial registration. This material will be gathered and presented within your Portfolio.  This would include the attainment of the Certificate in Advanced NLP.


During or after this time, you will continue to build upon your client hours, your supervision of client hours, your personal therapy hours and personal development activities, until you gain the required levels set down by NLPtCA.  You then enter NLPtCA’s application process for accreditation.  A successful application to become an Accredited Psychotherapist Member will then render you eligible to apply for professional registration with UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy).


Throughout the Training and Development period, participants will be offered tutoring, guidance and feedback. Should you arrive at the conclusion that full completion is beyond your current resources you would be eligible for interim qualification.


In exceptional circumstances, you will be able to negotiate a one-year extension of time, for a fee of £150, after the 5-year limit, and gain the full NTM Diploma and automatic presentation to NLPtCA.

Participants who are unable to fulfill this requirement can apply for accreditation directly to NLPtCA, provided they meet the required criteria. All additional activity involving the Training and Development team will be charged.