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NLP Unit 2 – NLP & Methodology

NLP 2 Unit Description

AIM:  To ensure elegant, appropriate and responsive use of the range of NLP Skills, prior to, during and/or concluding an Intervention

  1. Demonstrate ability to construct questions to obtain specific desired information
  2. Demonstrate the ability to use questioning formats as part of a recognised process
  3. Demonstrate elegant and timely ability to respond to implicit and explicit meta model patterns
  4. Demonstrate ability to recognise and respond linguistically to patterns of behaviour, according to at least one established format
  5. Demonstrate ability to use trance language to enable internal accessing
  6. Demonstrate the management of rapport levels through pacing the client’s internal structures
  7. Demonstrate responsiveness to internal and external non verbal VAK responses mindful of ecology and congruence
  8. Demonstrate ability to initiate and respond to multiple perspectives

NLP 2 Assessment Activities

  1. 1 annotated transcript
  2. A live 40 minute session

NLP 2 Underpinning Knowledge

  1. Meta model application
  2. Framing of Well formed Outcome to include the PRO model
  3. Conditions for Change
  4. Temporal and spatial predicates
  5. Use of presuppositions in language
  6. Trance language patterns
  7. Established language formats – Neuro logical levels, Meta Programmes, Clean Language

NLP 2 Skills

  1. Establishing and maintaining rapport at multiple levels
  2. Application of meta model patterns, for inquiry and systemic modelling
  3. Flexible use of language patterns to achieve desired outcomes
  4. Sensory acuity to calibrate inner processing of explorer
  5. Operating from own conscious and unconscious mind
  6. Ability to work from multiple perspectives
  7. Deep second positioning
  8. Detection of congruence/incongruence
  9. Acute use of spatial and temporal predicates