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NLP Unit 1 – NLP & Technology

NLP 1 Unit Description

AIM:  To ensure responsive and flexible application of the range of established of NLP techniques, targeted to deliver agreed outcomes effectively and efficiently

  1. Explain reasons for the selection of a technique, addressing the needs of the individual and his/her stated outcome
  2. Deconstruct a technique into its respective component parts
  3. Describe how the relationship between the component parts generates the outcomes of the technique
  4. Describe how to address possible ecology issues within a technique
  5. Provide rationale for effective deviation from a prescribed technique
  6. Demonstrate the ability to deliver 2 techniques selected at random, efficiently and effectively

NLP 1 Assessment Activities

Case Studies of 3 individuals
Short 500 word descriptions of 5 NLP Neurological / Linguistic Frames
A live 30 minute session
Deconstruct and deliver a technique unseen
Deliver a known technique

NLP 1 Underpinning Knowledge

  1. NLP Neurological Frames
    • Submodalities
    • Multiple Perceptions
    • Triple Description
    • Past/Present/Future
    • Metaphor
    • Parts
    • Mentors
  2. Criteria for Technique Selection
  3. Components of a Technique
  4. List of established Techniques within scope ± 3 of their own choice
    • Swish
    • Change Personal History
    • New Behaviour Generator
    • 6 Step Reframe
    • Parts Negotiation
    • Phobia ‘Cure’
    • Visual Squash
    • Meta Mirror
    • Neuro Logical Level Alignment

NLP 1 Skills

  1. Technique deconstruction
  2. Use of spatial, auditory and visual anchors
  3. Matching the needs of the client with the dynamics of the technique
  4. Skills of rapport and flexibility, checking ecology, outcome setting, calibration and future pacing
  5. Linguistic skills of meta model, reframing, Milton model, backtracking