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Year 1

This is the second and intermediate level of therapeutic practice, introducing you to the field of operations of a practising professional therapist.  It is your transition from a very well intended desire to enable change in another, to firming up your professional persona through widening your awareness of the intricacies held within the therapeutic process.

It is the first of the two-part development process which ultimately leads to the full Psychotherapy Diploma in Neurolinguistic Therapeutic Modelling.  Registration onto this programme demonstrates your intention to become a professional therapist, and your commitment to the application of NLP modelling as your modality of choice.

Since its focus is on developing your understanding of NLP as a modelling modality, this certificate also incorporates the attainment of the NLP Units 1 & 2 – NLP & Technology and NLP & Methodology which form part of the Certificate in Advanced NLP.

By this stage it is anticipated that you will have:

  • completed the your Clinical Practice training and presented your evidence to gain your Clinical Practice Certification
  • met the selection requirements of the full Psychotherapy Diploma
  • developed some experience of operating as a therapist or coaching, using NLP as the basis of your approach
  • demonstrated your suitability for this form of study.


This innovative and challenging training introduces you to the skills and knowledge required for an emerging professional therapist.  By now we expect that you will have put in place the requirements of managing an ecological professional Practice, in terms of your marketing and the management of your clients, as well as through recording your client’s progress and your interventions, whilst all the time gaining experience of applying the requirements of the professional Code of Ethics.  You will have begun to experience the essential benefits gained from of Supervision and begun your lifelong meta awareness of your own processing and actions.

Now you are asked to develop your familiarity with NLP’s technologies and applications as applied to the therapeutic process, so you can begin to to function intuitively as a professional NLP therapist.  You will be learning more about the intricacies of the therapeutic relationship and practise the skills required to lead a client to achieving their desired outcomes. All of this will be through applying the strategies and structures of Neurolinguistic Therapeutic Modelling, which you will apply not just to supporting your client, but also to yourself in order to gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself as a therapist.  And underpinning all of this, you will be operating from a strong philosophical grounding in Constructivism.

At the end of the year, you will be required to present your qualitative and quantitative evidence to support your application for Intermediate Certification.  This certification opens the option to continue into the second year of the programme and ultimately gain the full Psychotherapy Diploma in Neurolinguistic Therapeutic Modelling, which can then lead onto professional accreditation with NLPtCA and registration with UKCP.

Development Activities

The development activities which support this programme include:

  • Full attendance on the three 5-day direct training days
  • Completion of three Theory Workbooks, covering Human Development, Other Psychotherapies Pt 1 and Research Methods, presenting answers to set questions.
  • Participation in three online seminars addressing the issues emerging from these workbooks
  • Production of evidence for both the NLP Units 1&2, and the Intermediate Standards