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Health and Safety

1     Requirements of Users

  1. The Company asks that staff, students and visitors take all reasonable care of their own health and safety together with others who may be affected by their actions and omissions in their work or training activities.
  2. The Company ensures the welfare, health and safety of all students, trainers and any other associated people as far as is reasonably possible.
  3. Venues are vetted on the understanding that they comply fully with the requirements of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and hold the required Public Liability Insurance.
  4. Full cooperation is given to the person who has direct responsibility for ensuring that the terms of this Act are met.
  5. The Lead Tutors and trainers agree to familiarise themselves and abide by the H&S policies set down by the Venue.
  6. All trainers are required to be familiar with the Fire Drill procedures and alert participants of avoidance measures of any known hazards.

2    Training Room

  1. Trainers are required to maintain a safe environment in the training and recreation areas, specifically to ensure that the floor and passageways are kept clear of objects.
  2. Trainers are required to be mindful of safe practices regarding the moving of furniture and lifting of equipment.
  3. Participants are invited to place articles of value at reception, which can then be locked if unattended.
  4. Participants are required to observe rules concerning consumption of food and drink.
  5. Any defects in equipment are reported to the Conference Manager.

3    Accidents

  1. Trainers are aware that it is not permissible to provide any medical assistance, or to proscribe any medication, unless qualified.
  2. All accidents need to be reported to the venue’s H&S Officer and recorded in their Accident Book.
  3. Should any accident be serious and merit further treatment, then this is reported via the Lead Tutor to the Board. The circumstances of the accident are heard and recommendations regarding safe practice are made.

4    Information

  1. Our IT network system is password protected.
  2. Our Database is governed by the Data Protection Act.
  3. All hard copy personal information relating to Members, Students and Clients, if involved, is stored in a secure environment, as is information regarding Student work and progress.
  4. Information is only divulged to outside parties if it is promote the interests of the individual concerned, or as a legal request.

5    Insurance

  1. All Trainers are required to hold their own Professional Indemnity Insurance as part of their eligibility.
  2. All users are aware that they park at the Venue at their own risk.
  3. We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Company.