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Disciplinary Procedures

Gross Misconduct

  1. A trainer found to be guilty of gross misconduct will have all contracts cancelled, and notification will be sent ANLP, NLPtCA and/or The Professional Guild of NLP as appropriate.
  2. Trainers are deemed to have committed gross misconduct if they have
    • abused their position with a learner to gain personal advantage.
    • represented themselves and their relationship with the Company inaccurately to gain personal advantage.
    • committed theft of property, materials or data.
    • set themselves up in direct competition.
  3. If the infringement is sufficiently severe, then NLPtCA will process the complaint through their own complaints procedure, which could result in the removal of accreditation and UKCP registration.

Disciplinary Procedure

  1. If this is part of a formal Complaints procedure, the outcomes of this conversation are recorded.
  2. If a learner, fellow trainer, or other reputable source, provides evidence against a Trainer of an infringement to the Code of Practice, the Lead Tutor will arrange a meeting with the trainer, present the evidence and give the trainer an opportunity to provide a contextual explanation.
  3. The Lead Tutor decides if the infringement requires a formal verbal warning, in which case this outcome is recorded in the Trainer’s file.
  4. A formal written warning is issued should there be another occurrence within a 12 month period.
  5. The trainer’s relationship with the Company will cease on a third occurrence within a 2-year period.