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Year 2

This is the third and final level of therapeutic competence, building upon the successful attainment of the foundation Clinical Practice Certification and the Intermediate Certificate in Neurolinguistic Therapeutic Modelling.  It also incorporates the attainment of each of the three NLP Units of Competence which make up the full Certificate in Advanced NLP.

By this stage it is anticipated that you will have

  • completed the first year’s training on the NTM Development Programme
  • demonstrated understanding of the contents of the Theory Workbooks: Human Development, Psychotherapies Pt 1, Research Methods Pt 1
  • provided the required level of evidence to successfully gain the Intermediate Certificate in NTM
  • as a minimum requirement, provided evidence to meet the requirements of the NLP & Technology Unit and NLP & Methdology Unit.


This demanding and rewarding level of study takes you beyond the skills and knowledge you have developed for Intermediate Certification.  By now we expect that you will have developed your familiarity with NLP’s technologies and applications to function intuitively as a professional NLP therapist; consistently operate from a strong philosophical grounding in Constructivism; and apply your modelling awareness both to the benefit of the client, and also to yourself to give you a much deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself as a therapist.

Building on this, therefore, you now begin to make the transition from therapist to psychotherapist, deepening your understanding of the intricacies of the therapeutic relationship and the issues that clients may present.   You will be called upon to develop further your relationship with NLPt modelling from a more systemic perspective, taking the dynamics between yourself the therapist, your clients and your supervisor as well as the wider professional field.  You will become more attuned to the systemic interactions of the therapeutic process and develop levels of responding from your unconscious/conscious interface.

You will become practised at moving beyond your immediate system to become more aware of the the multiple systems at play at any one point in time, and of course during the  therapeutic relationship.  You will have expanded your ability to filter for and hold multiple perspectives and increased your flexibility to draw from one perspective or another,  at any time.

By the end, you will be operating from a clearly defined position of conscious competence, able to see your own practice as evidence of professional competence.

You will be ready to go forward to put your high level of expertise to the test, and to deepen your wisdom and provide quality care as a professional psychotherapist, taking you into the next two years or so when you gain your ‘flying hours’ in readiness for full NLPtCA Accreditation, with the opportunity to register with UKCP.

Development Activities

The development activities which support this programme include:

  • Full attendance on the four 5-day direct training days
  • Completion of three Theory Workbooks, covering Pharmacology, Psychopathology, Social Sciences, and Other Psychotherapies Pt 2.
  • Participation in three online seminars addressing the issues emerging from these workbooks
  • Production of evidence for both NLP Units 3, NLP Modelling and the Psychotherapy Diploma Standards