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Your greatest teachers are your clients!  From them you will discover the effectiveness of what you know, and the effectiveness of your level of skills. 

This live source of feedback constantly challenges your perceptions and reminds you that every encounter is a completely new experience.  It is a testing ground for your flexibility, your own confidence and congruence, your deepening understanding of your role, your limitations and your creativity.  The hallmark of your success is your increased levels of efficiency and elegance, as you effortlessly hold multiple attention over an every widening systems of behaviour.

You are likely to have already been developing your NLP practice with family and friends.  You may have already begun to take on paying clients, either on a free lance basis, or as part of your work role, certainly by the time you complete your Clinical Practice Certificate.

For NLPtCA Accreditation, you are required to have acquired 450 client hours within a four-year period, with two clients involved in 25 hours or more.  These hours will be written up and form the basis of your supervision.  Such notes can also be offered as evidence within your Competence Portfolio.