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Certificate in Clinical Practice

The Certificate of Clinical Practice is the first level of certification for an aspiring professional NLP practitioner who wishes to develop their therapeutic, counselling or coaching skills. 

At this level of operation you, the practitioner, enter into a professional contract with a client.  This commercial relationship is reflected in the inclusion of formal supervision and professional indemnity insurance – both means ultimately for protecting your clients.   You are also introduced to the formalities and protocols of managing a client relationship and the components of professional contracting, as well as issues regarding the ethical management of your marketing and business presentation.

Fundamental to all of this however, is the focus from the outset of the NLPtCA’s Code of Practice, which is key to underpinning all decision making regarding the client relationship, personal conduct and participation in the field of therapy as a whole.


  • Training:            £350*    non refundable deposit £100
  • Assessment:      not applicable

* If you register for the full Psychotherapy Diploma in NTM, you receive a £100 rebate.


Any NLP Master Practitioner is eligible to register for this certificate, provided you have attended a minimum of 200 hours of NLP training.


It is recognised that you may arrive with differing levels of experience and training hours.  Accordingly it is not essential for participants to attend our training workshop, provided you can fulfill the evidence requirements outlined in the Clinical Practice Standards.  However, irrespective of previous experience, it is suggested that participation to a workshop is highly beneficial since it:

  • provides a forum for informed discussion
  • covers all the theoretical areas required for consideration at this level
  • broadens awareness and generates additional perspectives regarding practice
  • contributes to the Selection Process for acceptance onto the Psychotherapy Diploma in NTM.

and it also

  • provides 20 training hours which can be added into the total pre-entry requirement of 240 hours.

3 day Clinical Practice Workshops

Programme Outcomes

By the end of the three day programme, you will come away with:

  • a clear understanding of the demands of the NLPtCA Code of Ethics as it applies to your practice
  • a familiarity with the contracting process and the topics you are required to cover
  • an awareness of the process for ending a therapeutic relationship
  • an understanding of the role of the supervisor and the benefits you will gain from supervision
  • an understanding of the process for client referral
  • a familiarity with the business aspects of practice management to cover marketing and record keeping
  • a deeper commitment to taking your professional practice as a therapist to a higher level

3-day workshops are annually scheduled in various geographical areas of the country, delivered by quality  trainers who are both NLP trainers and  NLPt psychotherapists.

2015 Dates

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Candidates are required to submit the following evidence to their Supervisor, who will assess its suitability.  This assessment decision will be sent to us and we will issue the Certificate accordingly.

  • a signed statement from supervisor confirming that you have delivered 20 hrs of Client Work and undertaken 5 hours of supervision
  • a sample of self-reflection notes
  • 3 sets of client notes
  • Marketing materials, to include website pages
  • Client information materials
  • Personal Declaration signed and witnessed
  • Copy of Current Professional Indemnity Insurance

There will be a £100 non-refundable handling charge for those registering directly and not via the Clinical Practice Workshop.

For those candidates wishing to register for the full or only the first year of the Psychotherapy Diploma in NTM, this material has to be submitted four weeks prior to the start of the programme.