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Certificate in Professional NLP

What is it?

This is a two-part Certificate comprising of an optional training element, and a competence-based programme of assessment.  It seeks to take your NLP practice to a Professional Level of Competence, where you develop your meta-awareness of the integrated nature of NLP, its components and technologies, its skills and methodologies, ultimately funneled into the application and practice of Modelling, in all its manifestations.  You are invited into the beating heart of NLP, honouring both the original intentions of the co developers and preparing a pathway for innovation and inspiring contribution.

Who is it for?

This certificate is suitable for you as an NLP Master Practitioner if you want to:

  • develop your NLP knowledge, skills and understanding to a professional level, either as an NLP Trainer, NLP Coach or an NLP Therapist
  • spend more time integrating your NLP learning with like minded practitioners
  • take your working understanding to the level of instinctive improvisation and elegant creativity

and on a more practical level

  • gather more direct training hours as entry onto post Master Practitioner programmes; the Psychotherapy Diploma in Neurolinguistic Therapeutic Modelling for example.


  • Training:                            £850       non refundable deposit  £250
  • Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)
    • Per Unit                       £100
  • Assessment Centre:         £150

All assessment and accreditation costs are absorbed into the course fee for those candidates who are registered with the Psychotherapy Diploma for NTM.


This groundbreaking certificate is open to anyone who holds a Master Practitioner Certificate, irrespective of the number days training they have currently undertaken.  Since the work is completely practical, and is in two parts – the direct training and the provision of evidence, all candidates can cross the same finishing line regardless of the route they have taken.

Accreditation of Prior Learning – APL

Since success is dependent on providing evidence to the required standard, it is irrelevant where or how you did your learning.  You may have learnt through books, through your main training provider, or through further specialist NLP development, or through your own trial and error experience.  Whatever the source of your knowledge and skill, presenting appropriate evidence to meet the requirements can be sufficient to earn you full or partial certification.

Evidence Required

To attain full certification and gain The Certificate in Professional NLP, you are required to provide evidence to demonstrate competence in all of the three NLP Units:

Interim Certificates are provided for each of the modules:  eg – NLP & Technology Certificate.

In total, for the full Certificate in Professional NLP you are required to present:

  • sight unseen a deconstruction of an NLP technique
  • written short answers on selected Neurological and Linguistic Frames
  • two annotated transcripts which demonstrate
    • the application of appropriate skills
    • reasoned decision making abilities
    • proficiency with selection and use of language
    • proficiency with selection of Neurological Frames
  • an original model
  • an original technique

Please Note

If you are also registered on the Psychotherapy Diploma of NTM:

  1. you can complete the evidence requirements for the first two Units during the first year of your studies.
  2. it might be that the transcripts you submit can serve to meet other competences required within these certificates.

Time Limits

There are no time limits set on your submission of evidence.