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In a valley across the river at the edge of the mountains there is a town whose people provision adventurers, traders, explorers, and migrants.  Near the heart of the town, on rustic ground, is a forge where fires roar and sparks dance in the darkness.

There tools are made, discussed, demonstrated, improved, and sometimes invented.  It is a place of work, thought, vision, energy and joy.  It is a place of gatherings, of conversation, exploration and celebration, a place of fellowship.

To it are drawn thinkers, dreamers, artists, warriors, musicians, writers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators of every kind, and some who come for the light of a friendly fire.

This is The Forge at the Edge of the Mountains.  All who dream of mountains come here first.

Leif Smith, Explorers Foundation

  • fORGE is an independent training organisation committed to developing NLP practitioners into highly skilled, professional psychotherapists, working within the discipline of NLP Therapeutic Modelling (NTM).
  • fORGE’s ‘raison d’être’ through its students, is to establish NLP as a credible, authoritative therapeutic modality in its own right, operating from first principles, and providing authentic evidence to add to contemporary research.
  • fORGE embraces the philosophy of Constructivism, operating on the fundamental presuppositions: ‘We create our own Reality’ and ‘We have all the resources we need’, in line with the range of operating principles devised by the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) Constructivist College in 2010.
  • To this end, fORGE, led by Sally Ashworth (NLP Trainer, NLPt Psychotherapist, qualified Supervisor, and past NLPtCA Chair), fields a team of highly respected, UKCP registered, NLPt (Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy) Psychotherapists, NLPt Supervisors, certified NLP Trainers, and subject specialists.
  • fORGE operates within a national network of Supervisors, the Training and Advisory body of NLPtCA, The Professional Guild of NLP and ANLP.